Sunday, March 27, 2011

extended off of Billy's Blog.

"The article also explained that these students, when put into BETTER schools they got BETTER grades. NO shit, go figure. People must of forgot that everyone needs air to breath, and when you get cut you bleed the same color. Truth be told cause i can go on rambling about this for days because ive seen it at its best from my view and i see it at its worst taking down one of my best friends, because his more couldn't afford to live up the street more with two jobs and 4 mouths to feed. Where you live determines alot, unfortunately."

Billy makes a good point when he says that where you live really determines a lot.  Students that grow up in better neighborhoods get better educations and get better grades.  In cases that ive witnessed, the students that grow up in a better neighborhood, with parents that they see regularly get better grades and actually want to be in school.  The students that live in the poorer or less fortunate neighborhoods with their parents  working multiple jobs just to keep enough food in the house got poor grades and hated going to school.

"Tim Wise is on FIRE on this point, that everyone gives wayyyy to much credit to white people even if they don't deserve it "white privilege" even if they are the most insanely over praised moron in the country, meaning former President Bush."

He also makes a good point about people giving whites too much credit when they dont deserve it.  as Billy also pointed from the out people of the united states fell more comfortable with a white man as president than a black one.  I completely agree with him that if Bush was  the same person with the same background and same knowledge of politics and things, the peoples opinion of him would be completely different.  I also feel that people in schools give credit to white students over black students when in fact the black student could have done that good thing or better grade or better project.

I would like to talk in class about what other people think about students growing up in different areas and how that affects their grades and willingness to actually go to school. 

Monday, March 7, 2011

unlearning the myths that bind us


This article by Christensen  is very similar to two other articles that we have read this semester.  The articles written by Delpit and McIntosh have very similar topics. The three articles all talk about how whiteness gets you farther in life.  Delpit talks about the culture of power and how people in the culture of power are going to be more successful.  Christensen's piece says that the successful people in movies and tv shows are depicted as white and part of the culture of power.  McIntosh's piece talks about the advantages of being white and that being white can get out out of trouble, a better job, or have better privileges than non-whites.  The advantages of the white actresses and actors are that they have more options for parts in movies and tv shows.  The video above shows the thoughts and feelings of different people on stereotypes and white privileges.