Monday, March 7, 2011

unlearning the myths that bind us


This article by Christensen  is very similar to two other articles that we have read this semester.  The articles written by Delpit and McIntosh have very similar topics. The three articles all talk about how whiteness gets you farther in life.  Delpit talks about the culture of power and how people in the culture of power are going to be more successful.  Christensen's piece says that the successful people in movies and tv shows are depicted as white and part of the culture of power.  McIntosh's piece talks about the advantages of being white and that being white can get out out of trouble, a better job, or have better privileges than non-whites.  The advantages of the white actresses and actors are that they have more options for parts in movies and tv shows.  The video above shows the thoughts and feelings of different people on stereotypes and white privileges.

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  1. I hate the idea of whiteness getting you farther in life, even though all three authors are right in what they say. i would never want to think that i make kids feel the way the authors say.