Sunday, April 3, 2011

Title IX - Extended off of Lukes Blog

I would like to do another extended comment this week, but off of Luke's blog.  I think he brings up a good point when he says that mens sports are being cut for more women's sports.  I also however feel that they are getting rid of some women's sports for more women's sports.  I know for a fact that right here at RIC they are getting rid of women's gymnastics, which i believe to be a pretty popular sport, and replacing it with women's swimming and women's golf.  These two sports i believe are less popular sports well at least women's golf is anyway.  At my high school, the golf team was co-ed.  In the four years i was there, there was only one girl that i know of that was actually on the team.

"Another experience i have with this issue is when a girl at my highschool was allowed to play football.  All she had to do was say she wanted to play and she was on the team because of title nine.  There were no restrictions put on her where she could and couldn't play.  She ended up playing middle linebacker on the freshman team and at times she would be the full back.  I personally believe that this was a great thing just letting her play but at the same time it was a little bit one sided just letting the female athlete play her sports when the male athlete had to jump through so many hoops just to play the back row so he never played."

Luke's experience is also an experience that i had in high school.  How ever i didnt have much of a problem with the girl being on the football team.  She went through hell and back with the team, never missed a practice, came back as dirty and disgusting as the guys, and played in as few games as the the "back row player" who didnt play many games.  The only time the coaches really put her in was when there was blowout. 

About a minute and 20 seconds in, Donna Lopiano starts to make comments about the culture that the athletic directors or high school and college sports grew up in. I think that she makes some very good points and she has some very good statistics about women in sports today and from thirty years ago.

I would like to talk in class about what other poeple think.  I also would like to bring up the fact that men are not allowed to participate in women's sports if there is not a team for them.  For example, at RIC, there is no mens volleyball team, there is a womens but a man is not allowed to play on our team.. Interesting, no?


  1. You bring up a good point about men not being allowed to play on women's teams. Whenever you are trying to end any kind of discrimination I think it's important to try and avoid reverse discrimination. However, Title IX is about more than sports. I think that aspect gets emphasized too much.

  2. I definately see your point. It is sort of like we all try so hard to hide the fact that women aren't getting certain rights so we just take the guys away. If a man was allowed to be on the vollyball team then it would make sense, but because that isn't allow its basically switching roles. Very interesting point.

  3. sports get brought up so much because they are such a large part of most of the populations lives. the biggest form of entertainment is athletic events, just think about the olympics. yes title IX goes way further but most of us have more experience and knowledge about it when it comes to sports, its not one particular persons fault that is just how society has formed. i think if women get all the attention and the rules work in their favor eventually [over a time] the men will start to feel how women felt before and try to use these laws in their defense as well.

  4. i extended off Lukes blog too!!! i thought he did a really good job of getting the main point of everything. I liked the video too!!!