Monday, April 25, 2011

Education is Politics

This week i am going to extend off of Conor's blog.  I agreed with him completely that this article sums up a lot of what we learned this semester in FNED.  I also really liked the quotes that he picked.

"The teacher leads and directs the curriculum, but does so democratically with the participation of he students, balancing the need for structure with the need for openness (pg. 16)."

This first quote that Conor picked is a great one.  I agree with Conor when he says that it is difficult for teachers to create their lesson plans to fit different curriculums.  Schools curriculums differ and that makes it difficult for teachers to plan 1) what the students will want or participate in and 2) what will live up to their own expectations of lesson plans.  I know from watching my brother write lesson plan after lesson plan, while helping create the curriculum for Health Education in the East Providence elementary schools.  It is a lot of work and everything that he does has to be perfect, so it took him even more time just to write them.  This will make it easier for him in the future because if he stays in the East Providence school system and in the elementary setting because he helped write the curriculum.  If the students dont participate then the teacher needs to think if its their teaching styles or the areas of the curriculum that they dont like.

Conor also makes a good point. " No curriculum created by anyone other than the teacher, can accent the individual personalities and dynamics of each individual classroom."

This almost goes back to what i was saying last week about everyone in my advisory class writing our own IEPs.  If each student has an IEP the teacher would have an easier job when trying to figure out why certain students arent taking to a certain subject like they did to another.  IEPs do take time to create and are just adding more work to the teachers already busy schedule.  It will however benefit the students in the long run so they have more knowledge because they will have learned in a way that they best understand everything.  I might sound insane but its just how i feel.

Id like to talk about how everyone else see this topic and if having an IEP for every student is a good or bad thing.

Hope everyone had a great Easter! :)


  1. I had to sort of write an "IEP" for myself in advisory in high school, but everyone knew that when we did it it was just a waste of time, and no one would everyone look at it. So of course no one took it seriously. But the more I think about it, the more I like the idea. It's a great way for the teacher to get to know the strengths and needs of her particular students. For example, if a majority of students say they do better with essay tests than multiple choice, and timed tests freak them out, the teacher might decide to give a lot of take home essays as test grades that particular year. Another year's class might have different needs. I really like this idea!

  2. nice post!!
    i enjoyed connors blog too!

  3. I also enjoyed Conor's Blog