Monday, May 2, 2011

Social Justice Event

So I know this is really late but better late than never right?!

I went to the Sex Toy Bingo event.  This event was really cool.  It wasnt just something to go to win at bingo and get sex toys.  It was more to help raise awareness of breast cancer and to help collect bras for a project that the women studies group was and possibly still is working on.  They are trying to link bras together to set a record.  Although i didnt win anything it was still fun.

This event relates to Kahne and Westheimer's, In Service of What?

This event is a service project that is helping other people that the ones who put it on dont even know. This is somewhat like our service learning projects. At the beginning, we had no idea who the children were and what their stories were.  We were doing it to benefit them.  That is what the Women's Studies group is doing as well.  I really like that they are so enthusiastic about what they are doing and the events that they are holding.

The event also semirelates to Christensen.

Its not so much that the media has hidden meanings, its more that the event itself has a hidden meaning.  Most people that i told i was going to Sex Toy Bingo thought it was weird that i was going but when i told them the actual reason for it they "approved". Its like when Steph was talking about the hidden meanings in Spongebob.  The Krusty Krab in Bikini Bottom has one meaning to the kids that watch it but to older kids that actually think about it it has a completely different meaning (sometimes).

I hope there are more events on campus that help support breast cancer. I would really like to help with at least one.


  1. Come one Amanda you know you went also for the free sex toys, dont try to fool anyone now. However i do support the great causes it is helping out, and they should have more causes like this to help the people that are in the need.

  2. I WENT TOO! haha but I won =) but you're right it was for a great cause and we should have more events raising awareness as such!

    Oh and HAHAHA to Billy's comment!

  3. lol...what a weird seminar to go to...but interesting

  4. it was a blast!! haha.

    my friends and I tried to have the athenas lady come to their suite and we were going to host our own sex toy party but RES LIFE shut it down :/
    wahh. stupid RIC rules!!

  5. hahaha to billys comment :) and thats so great that you had fun and it was all for a great cause! - nice connections by the way haha i wouldn't have thought of those!